LendCare Partners With 123Dentist

Easy financing will help the millions of Canadians who cannot afford basic dental care.

TORONTO, [Date] / CNW/ – LendCare Capital Inc., a leading Canadian finance and technology company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of goeasy Ltd. (TSX: GSY), has announced a new partnership with 123Dentist, one of the country’s largest dental support organizations.  This latest partnership positions LendCare as the preferred financing partner for 123Dentist, a national network of supported dental practices that provide a wide range of dental care to more than 800,000 Canadian patients and over 2.5 million patient visits annually. In working with the network, LendCare further solidifies its growing role as a premier new lender in the Canadian healthcare sector.

LendCare’s financing will enable more 123Dentist patients to access essential dental services for themselves and their families. This is especially critical, as a third of all Canadians have no access to dental insurance, and one in five families currently skip dental visits altogether due to their inability to afford them.

LendCare’s President, Ali Metel, explains, “Our web-based financing platform, FrontLine, will allow patients to submit financing applications and get decisions in seconds so they can move forward with procedures confidently; this will empower supported dentists in the 123Dentist network to deliver high-quality dental care to individuals and families in their community.”

Ali Metel also points out the synergy between LendCare and 123Dentist, as both companies work to help their partners take a patient-first approach, in this case, by eliminating a traditional financial roadblock for patients in need of dental treatment.

Aaron Lipton, Chief Growth Officer for 123Dentist, adds, “Since Dr. Amin Shivji opened his first clinic in 1993, and continued with the launch of our national platform in 2017, we have always focused on creating a thriving dental community that focuses on the delivery of exceptional care and improving access to high quality dentistry services.  We see this new partnership as a way to further that mission.”

This partnership and Patient Financing alternative is available to support patients’ needs in over 425 supported 123Dentist practices across Canada.


About LendCare

LendCare Capital Inc., a subsidiary of goeasy Ltd. (TSX: GSY), which has funded over $8.2 billion in consumer loans and served over 1.2 million Canadians, is a Canadian point-of-sale consumer finance and technology company which enables over 5,000 businesses to increase their revenue by providing full credit spectrum financing at the point-of-sale. For over a decade, LendCare has cleared a path to provide fast, reliable, and affordable financing options for the powersports, automotive, retail, home improvement and health sectors. FrontLine® is a registered trademark of LendCare Capital Inc.

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About 123Dentist

123Dentist is a leading dental support organization in Canada. It has grown from a single practice in Vancouver, owned by CEO Dr. Amin Shivji and two partners, to more than 425 supported practices and over 5,000 team members serving over 2.5 million patient visits annually. In 2022, 123Dentist merged with Altima Dental and Lapointe Group to create one of the largest, and the oldest, network of dental practices in Canada.  123Dentist was founded on two key principles: putting patient care above all else; and that supported dentists and staff are the most important factors in keeping patients happy. 123Dentist’s vision is to be the dental support community all Canadian dentists and dental professionals want to belong to. 123Dentist offers alternative partnership models to meet the needs of each individual dentist, including the opportunity to retain ownership of the clinic. This unique model enables supported dentists to focus on providing optimal care to patients, while an experienced team provides a wide range of support services.  For more information, please visit: 123dentist.com

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